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Aberdeen Area Community Foundation and Knight Foundation Support Malchow Plaza Art

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Aberdeen’s Malchow Plaza recently received its second beautiful mural in as many years. “Step into Aberdeen’s History,” a mural by Linda Roesch from Roscoe, is a unique streetscape of downtown Aberdeen. The mural was supported by a grant from the John S.  and James L. Knight Foundation’s Aberdeen Fund in the South Dakota Community Foundation. The Aberdeen Area Community Foundation acted as fiscal sponsor for the grant and worked with the Aberdeen Development Corporation and Aberdeen Area Art Council to facilitate the project.

In her proposal, Roesch said she wanted “to show a progression of Main Street of Aberdeen from past to present day, highlighting the landmark businesses and public involvement that helped to establish the city as a hub of entertainment, shopping, business and travel from its early days until now. “ While the Capitol Theatre and Citizens Building are visible, so are such past features of downtown as the Rialto Theater, Sherman Hotel, and a Main Street street car.

Artist’s proposals were solicited in fall 2021, and a committee evaluated them, selecting Roesch. The judging committee included:  Lois Beckner, local artist; Alexis Doerr, NSU art professor; Pat Gallagher, AACF/SDCF; Carly Pochop, local artist; Lora Schaunaman, local artist; Spencer Sommers, Co-Op Architecture; Lori Tobin, local artist; and Shelley Westra-Heier, Aberdeen Downtown Association.  The project was initiated by a committee including:  Mike Bockorny, ADC; Stacy Braun, AAAC; Pat Gallagher, AACF/SDCF; Heath Johnson, AACF; and Carly Pochop, local artist.

Roesch painted the mural on six 4’ x 8’ panels, which were installed on the north wall of the Aberdeen Area Convention & Visitors Bureau to the west of the mural created last year by Aberdeen artists Nick and Nicole Fischer. She said, “I worked on this mural in my apartment, and I couldn’t believe my good fortune when the panels fit perfectly between my ceiling and floor.  My spare bedroom turned into the mural painting room, and the first time I was able to see each panel side by side—and on a straight plane—was the day of the installation.  Prior to that, I had the panels set up in pairs spanning three walls.”

Sauvage Construction assisted with installation. The AACF and the Knight Aberdeen Fund also supported the Fischers’ mural with grants.

Roesch reported, “This was not my largest mural project in terms of size, but this probably was the longest I’ve worked on one mural due to the level of detail and precision required.” She concluded, “This was such a fun project to work on, as it allowed me to push into largely unexplored territory as an artist. A huge thank you to the folks on the selecting committee for entrusting me with this public art project, and I hope it will be enjoyed by visitors and locals for years to come!”

The AACF recommends grants for the Knight Aberdeen Fund, which Knight Foundation created through its Knight Cities program to support activities in communities where Knight Newspapers once operated.


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