Aberdeen Area Community Foundation, Inc. (“AACF”) was chartered as Aberdeen Area Foundation, Inc. on April 23, 1984 to receive and administer a gift from a local businessman. The particulars of that first gift are lost to history, but true to its slogan, “Looking Forward. Giving Back.,” AACF and its many contributors remain committed to the promotion and preservation of Aberdeen and the surrounding communities. AACF endows the gifts given to it and spends only a portion of the earnings from the endowment on worthy area projects. It is the perfect mechanism for individuals, organizations, companies and others to provide for their community’s future as their legacy.
AACF is a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, but also enjoys a relationship with the South Dakota Community Foundation (“SDCF”) as a Community Savings Account (“CSA”). The word “Community” was added to the original name, presumably to recognize this relationship with SDCF.
AACF can further its own mission by supporting the efforts of other community-minded groups. Among other activities, support of such groups may be in the form of advice, idea development, financial management and assistance with grant-writing.

Heath Johnson, Chair

Megan Biegler, Vice Chairman

Don Kainz, Treasurer

Robert Fouberg, Secretary

Matt Harr

Steven Lust

Bea Smith

Gordon Tree Top

Hannah Walters

Patrick Gallagher, Executive Director

AACF puts the spirit of the community where it belongs – in the community.


It gives folks a way to give forever to their community.